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It's so good to see you again

Kick-off 2023, which was organized on April 14 for middle and senior management of PHOENIX Serbia under the slogan "Shape the future" was dedicated to the development of our company and reunion of colleagues after more than two years of online and telecommuting. During that period, our teams received reinforcements from new colleagues that we, like most of us, could only see in online meetings. Good energy, satisfaction with the fact that we are all in one place again and an interesting program made this gathering special and motivating. The host of this gathering, a member of the Board for Commercial and Marketing, Ivan Banković, pointed out at the opening that the synergy of our brands and teamwork is the formula for the success of our company. CEO Joachim Sowada spoke about his leadership qualities and his experience along the way. After short presentations in the field of human resources, finance and IT sector, workshops were organized on twelve different topics from all business segments, and then participants in 8 groups worked on solving case studies proposed by BORD members, which were , then, presented to all participants.

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