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INO-Pharm, as part of PHOENIX group since 2012, is specialized in the procurement, importing and distribution of medicines and medical devices that need special treatment.

Our experienced, passionate and fully dedicated team has made INO-Pharm a trustworthy partner of the healthcare system when it comes to products and patients with special needs.
Our mission is to provide the necessary medicines or medical devices to each individual patient, as fast as possible.

This frequently means import of individual medicine for individual patient following a very special local regulatory procedure.

INO-Pharm is valued and known for the professional, fast and quality based services. Our most important competitive advantage is fast response to the customer’s request.

Recognized as a key partner of the industry and healthcare institutions.

Key expertise of INO-Pharm business model:

  • Excellent knowledge of customers
  • Strong Sourcing network
  • Deep understanding of Regulatory framework
  • Efficient import process
  • Reliable, safe and traceable path to the patient

As the only company in the Western Balkans with 10+ years of experience, INO-Pharm offers “one-stop-shop” solutions for unlicensed and specialty and orphan medicines, as well as the whole value chain of highly regulated services with direct presence in each market.  

Your contact Bojana Petković Director bojana.petkovic(at)inopharm.net