Head Office

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INO-Pharm d.o.o.
Bore Stankovića 2 - 11030 Belgrade, Serbia
Tax ID: 101743912
Registration: 17345664

General inquires: inopharmdoo(at), contact phone: +381 11 34 62 110

Reporting side effects on medicines and medical devices:
+381 11 3462 123, melinda.tanasic(at)
Reporting product quality complaints or services:
+381 11 3462 123, ivana.tesanovic(at)

Compliance contact: jelena.mlinarevic(at)
GDPR contact: milos.krstic(at)
Media contact: danijela.simovic(at)
Career contact: j.nedeljkovic(at)

If you are looking for contact details from other company member of PHOENIX group Serbia, please contact:









Headquarter and regional center Belgrade