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BENU 400 our new pharmacy

A little more than a month has passed since the introduction of the BENU loyalty card, and during that time, more than 100,000 BENU loyalty cards have been handed out to patients throughout Serbia.

To remind you, the BENU Plus card is designed as a loyalty program that, in addition to the benefits that will be realized, will provide our pharmacies with a better insight into the preferences and expectations of patients and customers, which will contribute to the formation of assortment, promotional sales and other in order to adapt to the specifics of each point of sale.

For patients and customers of BENU pharmacy, this is an opportunity to realize benefits through BENU Plus, but also with cards that are an additional benefit for participating in the actions of the Baby Club, Senior Club and others.

If you have not picked up your card yet, we recommend that you go to the nearest (or favorite) BENU pharmacy and look for it there from our pharmacists. Along with the card, you will also receive copies of the keychain that you can give to your family members to collect points and reap the benefits together.

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